About Us


Safe Mosquito Control is an outdoor pest control company dedicated to controlling mosquitoes, fleas and ticks in your yard and pool areas. Our 21-Day Barrier Spray is an EPA Approved Program applied by our trained and licensed technicians. Let us Help You Enjoy Your Backyard Again.

What We Do

Safe Mosquito Control will spray your outdoor living areas including trees, shrubs and foliage. Our spray kills all mosquitoes that are present at the time of application and creates a protective barrier for up to three weeks. We also offer several other services to remove nuisance insects, so be sure to ask us about any pest control you might need.

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Josh Scavetta, Owner


Josh is the proud owner of Safe Mosquito Control, LLC.  He has a business background graduating from Eastern State University and 10 years of experience in the service industry. Josh is committed to making sure Safe Mosquito’s products and services meet and exceed your expectations. He enjoys snowboarding, exercising and eating healthy.



David Scavetta, Business Development Manager and Estimator


David is a Residential and Commercial Estimator for Safe Mosquito Control, LLC.  As a previous home improvement business owner, David has an extensive background in business development and project management, which enables him to understand the needs of your company and work with you to come to an agreement that caters to your business needs.



Jon Brown, Office Manager


Jon Brown is the Office Manager for Safe Mosquito Control, LLC. Having worked in customer service, as well as several facets of construction and remodeling, he is extremely knowledgeable in regards to both our processes, as well as property management in general. Customer Service is of utmost importance, and he is able and willing to assist you in any inquiries into mosquito removal and repellant you might have.