Event Sprays

Nothing ruins the mood of a party quite like swatting at mosquitoes the entire night. If you have an upcoming event such as a wedding, birthday party, or a graduation our Event Spray option is perfect for you. You have probably planned, scheduled, shopped and worked hard to get all the details. Well here is one detail not to forget. Call us, we will come out and make sure that there are no flying insects to ruin you event. We can effectively treat for Mosquitoes, Fly’s, gnats and no-seeums along with a host of other nuisance unwanted guests of the pest variety. Sorry but we cannot do anything about unwanted relatives and they are not included in the service.

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Safe Mosquito Control can provide safe and effective mosquito and insect control for all your outdoor events. Invite Safe Mosquito Control to your outdoor wedding, graduation party, family reunion or other outdoor event. You will be protecting your family and guests from annoying and disease spreading mosquitoes, flies and other insects.


Safe Mosquito Control provides two levels of service for Special Events:

Special Event Gold Package:

The Special Event Gold Package includes two separate applications for the maximum protection from annoying insects. The first application will be two to three days before the event. The second would be the same day of the event. These applications will be scheduled early in the day before set up personnel will be present or by special appointment as specified by the customer. The Barrier Spray will have an immediate knock down effect on all insects and the dried spray will ensure residual protection by killing any insect that lands on a treated surface. There will be no odor or visible evidence that we sprayed the area except there will be No Bugs! In addition, our spray technician will place one or two fly abatement strips in a remote location that will ensure further protection from flies in your food area. Nuisance flies are drawn to the strip by a triple-action attractant. After flies locate the device, they explore the surface, and then begin feeding. Flies die within seconds after they begin feeding.


Details and more information about our treatments: